Gone are the days when a dirty piece of metal was placed in the middle of the kitchen. There are many options for air purifiers such as polished brass, stainless steel, ceramic and more. This guide will give you some ideas to consider when planning your range hood installation. Add shine to your kitchen by removing odors and grease.

If you’re looking for a more stylish look for your kitchen

Consider making a range hood theme. This type of product range has a quality look that is stylish and elegant. Most of the fireplace surfaces are made of treated wood and painted in the color of your choice. However, you can also use brass and it will still look good.

In the last decade, the black hoods are no longer in use, having been replaced by copper and other metals. However, carbon black steel has clearly returned to the world of kitchen appliances and gives your kitchen a certain traditional feel. If you want a good look for your home, this type of cooker hood is definitely what your kitchen needs.

European style

Ah, the English countryside in all its glory can now live in your kitchen. Consider building a tall arch out of wood panels in your kit to act as the body of the Hood. If you have stainless steel furniture, their contrast and dark lacquered wood will combine.

If you like modern technology, but your interior is elegant and simple, consider using a small, discreet range hood to beautify your delicious kitchen. Such a hood is smaller in size and looks beautiful against a clear white background. Use with wood, copper or ceramic tunnels.

The charm of Spain

If you like the old fashioned look, you might want to go with a cool plaster hoodie. This style looks great against a colorful Spanish themed backsplash behind hood vent design. When choosing this style, it is best that the color tone matches the colors of the walls.

If you are a fan of Fen Sheng and it matches your kitchenware, add a glass tile wall to the back of the set. Ideally, your appliances are stainless steel or brass, and the range hood you choose is the same material and has a simple, rectangular look known for performance rather than looks.


If the kitchen of your dreams is completely focused, enjoy this range of extractor hoods. This type of hood can be made from almost any material as long as it is luxurious and

beautiful. Think intricate design, grandeur and beauty. The air system itself can be hidden under this beautiful hood, and no one will suspect its presence, because they will pay more attention to the shine of the hood.

Adding a bronze accent to your kitchen is a great way to express your personality. Bronze says you’re bold, stylish and not afraid to try new things, like curved hoods. A bronze range hood for your kitchen also gives you the opportunity to choose a beautiful back wall that matches the view.