Email is one of today’s most popular ways to communicate online. With over four billion users worldwide, email is the most widely used channel for customer service, sales, marketing, and general communication. Email marketing can be a powerful tool for businesses of any size, It’s easy to set up and allows companies to reach millions of potential clients. However, if done incorrectly, email marketing can backfire, If you’re not careful, you could end up spamming your customers instead of engaging them, Here are five tips for creating successful emails.

Email marketing is still the most effective marketing platform, beating social media, SEO, and other marketing plans.

Is email marketing outdated?

In spite of rising social media and other platforms, email marketing is still on top. Millions of people are using email marketing for their businesses. With email marketing, you own all the connections and you don’t need to worry about algorithms.

Are you still not convinced? HubSpot eight over ten says they give up on social media than email marketing. That’s why building a good marketing campaign is more important than anything.

Let’s Start email marketing:

Email marketing is a platform where people start sending promotional emails to people in bulk quantities. It is used in generating sales, boosting business, and much more. If you open your Gmail, the 99% chance is that your mailbox will contain 50% of promotional mail.

As you see from my mailbox here is a promotional mail.

Elements of email marketing:

Before going to strategies you should use too with email marketing. Let’s cover the fundamentals. The tips will help you to create a responsive email marketing campaign. 

Stay Human: Email marketing is popular but it is competitive. Use words to speak them directly. Use their name so they will be convinced to read your content.

Use Friendly titles: Use interesting subject lines that force them to read your email. Your subject line should contain words of their interest. If you will use unethical words there are chances they may unsubscribe your mail and mark it as spam which is not good for you.

Keep your message short: Most people read email on their mobile so keep your content short and precise. Direct them to a blog page if you want them to read a large content.

Use CTAs at the top and bottom: Most people use CTAs on landing pages, use the same strategy in email marketing and include CTAs after the first paragraph and at the bottom.

Ask permission before sending the email: Never buy any email list for your email campaign. If you offer a deal or great content (Cold Email Marketing) then your content should be high quality.

Remember: You are a Guest in their mailbox:

People are overwhelmed with interruptions and pitches that are everywhere around them. 

You send them a special email but, for the reader, you are one of the millions who send them emails every day.

So, using good manners is your responsibility. You should respect them. If they ask you to leave at any point you should leave because you are just a guest in their inbox.

How does email marketing work?

Email marketing is one of the top-performing platforms. A responsive email marketing campaign consists of three essential parts.

  •  An Email list:

An email list is data of subscribers that allows you to send them emails. For an engaging email marketing campaign, you should have a real and targeted audience.

There are so many methods to create an email list but the most effective method is the lead magnet ( Create an offer) you offer them something in exchange for their email address. 

Also, you can make a popup and signup form to collect the emails. You offer something to them and they sign in to your popup form and you got the email.

  • An email service provider:

The email service provider ( ESP) is known as an email marketing platform that is used to manage email lists and helps in designing and executing email campaigns. 

There are so many platforms that are providing (ESP) services but in my opinion, there is a site named getresponse that is the best email marketing site. 

They are providing different services such as Email marketing, website building, marketing automation, and eCommerce marketing too. Also, they are providing affordable packages you can send 1000 emails per day for just $19 per month and you can get 18% off on a 1-year plan and 30% off on a 2-year plan. You can get more information check this site and exploring more features and selecting one that your brand needs. 

  • Clearly defined goals:

Email marketing helps you a lot to achieve your business goals:

  • Boost sales
  • Drive brand awareness
  • Generate leads
  • Lead more customers
  • To run an effective email marketing campaign your email list, email service provider, and goals must align. 


If you are ignoring email marketing and using other marketing strategies then you should use email marketing now to see the differences between email marketing results and others. 

Email marketing is not complicated and it delivers huge returns for marketers who are willing to boost sales and drive their brand. 

Use targeted audience for email marketing and sends them what they want. That will increase your conversion rates. Sending unwanted emails to people is just wasting of time and struggle. I hope you learn something from this article, finally, you can move toward your email campaign.