A sari is a type of garment originating from the Indian subcontinent. It is most popular among Indians but people in Pakistan also have developed a taste for it. There are many different types of sarees available in the market, there are ones that are to be draped yourself as well as ready-to-wear sarees. The ready-to-wear sarees are stitched which makes them easier to drape.

Sarees look beautiful and feminine. They are mostly worn by Pakistanis on special occasions whereas it is an everyday dress for Indians. As the demand forĀ  yellow saree is growing and vendors are selling beautiful sarees online to cut overhead costs. It is important to keep various factors in mind while purchasing a saree.

In this article, we will discuss various ideas and tips on how to purchase a saree online.

Compare Prices Sarees

It is essential that you compare prices online while making your purchase. The same sarees are sometimes available on different websites and their prices are listed along with the picture. Therefore, you should do your online research and see how many websites are selling your desired product then read all specifications mentioned about the product on the website and compare prices. Some websites have discounts going on, so you can get your desired product at a cheaper price. All this research should be done before making a purchase.

Chose the Best Online Store for Sarees

Everyone wants to make the best purchase online but there are many fraud boutiques online selling low-quality sarees at high prices. For this reason, you must read online reviews and former customer feedback if the website is legit or not. Along with websites, other social media platforms such as Instagram are also selling some beautiful sarees. They should also be checked before ordering from them. These pages must have a lovely and large variety of sarees with an abundant number of followers to show their legitimacy. These websites and pages should have enough information regarding the saree, its cloth, and length along with other specifications that will help you make your purchase.

Check the Policy Agreements

You should always read the Policy agreements before purchasing on any website on Instagram page. It is important to have knowledge of all shipping, return, and exchange, and refund policies. Once your product arrives and you feel that the fabric is not good enough or the color is different, then these refund and exchange policies come in handy.

If you change your mind after a purchase, you must be aware of their cancellation policies. Although most companies operating online have excellent return and exchange policies to build customer trust so that they can purchase without being fearful. A customer care number also comes in use; therefore, you should always look for a customer care number in case you have queries about your product.

Consider Offers, Discounts, and Payment Methods

All online vendors differ in terms of the offers, promotions, and discounts they offer. They all have their payment methods as well. So before making a purchase you should be aware of all these aspects. Some websites offer more discounts than others therefore it is important to carry out online research before making a purchase and save money. The payment method is also very important. Some companies accept online payment only via credit or debit cards while others offer cash on delivery. If you are shopping first time from a website, it is advisable to use cash on delivery as it is easier and more favorable. Also, it builds trust and if there is a doubt It is always best to pay when the product is in hand.

Check the Details on The Bill

Just like all other things you need to be cautious while checking your billing details. While shopping for a saree, you know what to expect but some vendors have a way of bluffing customers with hidden charges. Therefore, one should be very careful as to not fall prey to these hidden charges for the saree. A sarees fall and peco are both included in the price of the saree but some sellers charge extra for them. If they have mentioned it online, you should shop elsewhere for a saree where there are no extra charges for them or you can get them done from your local tailors at a cost much cheaper than what you will pay online

Watch Out for Duplicate Products

This is one of the major setbacks of shopping online. Some people sell duplicates instead of the original product. That is why it is important to make sure that you are buying from a reputable place. One way to detect a duplicate product is when a branded saree is being sold for less than what it actually costs.


Keeping the above-mentioned ideas in mind you can easily shop for your sarees and wedding dresses online and find good deals. You can also learn more tricks and hacks as you shop more. Customer care representatives can be of a lot of help while making a purchase and can guide you through the process.