The best way to transform your eyes with one simple trick? Applying false eyelashes will do exactly that! I love the way they look and when done right, anyone can wear them. If you’re interested in learning how to apply this beauty product correctly (and have all of those beautiful features), keep reading for some tips on where beginners should start.

A Few Quick Things First:

You don’t need any special equipment – just basic items found around any household; you shouldn’t waste time applying “from scratch” since shop-bought kits usually include everything needed.

  • Want to give your makeup look a little something extra? Apply eyelashes before applying. They will stick on the lash line and not turn or slide away as most other adhesives do!
  • *Tip…let it get “tacky” for 45 seconds so you can literally just stick them with ease.
  • The natural look is all about letting your lashes do, the talking. If you want a more subtle and less dramatic effect, cut them in half for an adorable yet elegant angle that’s perfect when paired with brown or green eyeshadow colors to balance out those big assessing poops!
  • With the growing popularity of dramatic, full lashes it’s now easier than ever to get that perfect glamorous look. There are so many different shapes and sizes available for you to use at home or in your makeup kit! It may seem like an intimidating task but if we break down how each one is made then this process will become much more manageable- let me show y’all what I mean: start by trimming off all those excess bits around ____ (fill in the eye area). From there cut along ___(line)__and separate into three pieces.
  • To get rid of lash lines, use the cotton swab and oil-free makeup remover. Soak it in water before applying it to your eye area for easy removal with just one gentle rubbing motion!
  • Now that you have applied the glue to both ends, let’s see if it will stick. Sticking can be tough and this area might need more than what we’ve already done so far, but don’t worry! We’ll still get there in no time at all with a little bit more work on behalf of each one of you who reads these words right now (and hopefully saves some floor space).
  • To get that natural lash look, put on a few gentle strokes of mascara. This will help blend your own lashes into the false ones and give you more length without any heavy expectations!
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