The best way to wake up with glowing skin is by taking off all the makeup you’ve been wearing at night. Not only will it help prevent dryness, acne, and even wrinkles caused by collagen breakdown; leaving your face covered in cosmetics can lead to bacteria-causing Styes (eye infection) or Broken eyelashes! If this sounds uncomfortable enough already then think about what else could happen if those bacteria get into sensitive areas like around our eyes where they’ll thrive easily due mainly because there isn’t much circulation compared to other parts on our bodies… not just one problem but several smaller ones add together become worse than ever before – resulting ultimately ugly red patches called suppurativa.

We consulted with Laura Mercier, the renowned makeup artist and creator of LAURA MERCIER Cosmetics to find out how one can remove their make-up like a professional.

“You need two things for this step,” says Maria verily when asked about what you’ll require in order achieve flawless results: water (or another liquid) and an oil-based, cleanser – NOT soap! She recommends using something lightweight like argan or jojoba because it’s not harsh on the skin but still gets rid of all traces eliminating even waterproof items such as gel eye shadows without tugging at delicate fibers.

How to remove your makeup:

Break your makeup with a cleanser:

When it comes to breaking down your makeup, there is no better cleaner than a good old-fashioned face scrub. Face scrubs are effective at removing all traces of dirt and grime from pores as well as dead skin cells so you can get rid of any last bits that may be hiding behind those beauty spots or under the surface!

Face shaves work wonders in eliminating impurities on contact; they’re also gentler than using harsh bar soap where tightening might cause cuts if applied improperly (you don’t want anyone seeing these). The only downside? You have to repeat every few days because otherwise BATTERY LIFE!).

‘’To get rid of all your makeup accessories, massage the cleanser over it and let sit for 15 seconds. Then wipe with a wet white cotton washcloth so you can really see that everything has been removed! If there is long-wear or heavy brush use then go in between applications first before applying remover where needed at this step’’ says Verel.

Be gentle with your skin:

“The process of taking off your makeup should be gentle and never leave the skin dehydrated or irritated,” says Mercier. “I like to use a cleansing oil, which won’t dry out my face.” Using fingers swiping small amount across lids eyebrows then gently massage all over the face in circular motions while massaging into muscles with pad laid flat on table top-this will soften skins loosen any remaining foundation before removing excess fluids from around eyes area using sobering reminder not everyone needs perfection! Take another clean square cotton wool roll — this time choosing those without balls because they’re often too rough—and rub.

Steam your face:

The process of steaming the face is very simple but has many benefits. The steam penetrates your skin pores loosen up them and clean all the debris and makeup from your skin. Take a bowl of warm water and hover your face for one or two minutes. Add lavender essential oil in the water for extra soothing but it is totally optional.

Your Eyes needs extra attention:

The best way to get mascara and liner off is with a cotton ball, but you don’t want to scrub the skin around the eyes. Use an oil-based (for waterproof products) or dual-phase remover specifically made for oily eyelids in order not to irritate it further by using soap-based, cleaners too! If pre-moistened pads work well then these can be used as well just make sure they’re clean before putting onto your face because otherwise, dirt may stick between lashes which would rather take longer than usual to break up ingrown hairs.

Don’t use baby wipes to remove makeup:

Women are often seen using baby wipes to remove their makeup, but this is not the best option. “I cringe when I see women doing so because those do not get rid of all traces and it leaves your skin feeling greasy,” says Mercier in an interview with Cosmopolitan.” A person’s butt isn’t covered with special ingredients that require extra care for proper removal; why would you want something like that on your face? They’ll just end up causing more problems than solve outright!”

What you should do after cleansing and removing makeup?

Now that you’ve cleaned up your skin, it’s time to follow up with any toner or moisturizer. You’ll be ready for anything when morning comes because of how clean and healthy-looking! All the hard work from last night will pay off as well – not only can I jump straight into sunscreen without having first washed away makeup residue on my face but also get more out than if began by washing properly at home before going outside

I’m sure everyone wants their bodies to feel rejuvenated after they wake up in order to make themselves presentable during these precious hours before daylight savings kicks into gear.

That’s right- you don’t necessarily have to wash your face in the morning if it has been washed before bed. Your skin will already be clean, and dry skins may suffer further stripping when they go about their daily routine of makeup applications at 8 am sharp! But no matter what type or level oil production is happening on any given evening – everyone should always take thirty seconds out during those long days just for themselves by washing away all traces that sweat absorbed through pores over course time.”

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