A blazer is a great wardrobe staple because it can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion and is extremely versatile. A blazer is worn over jeans in order to achieve this look. In order to achieve this, I wanted to create something that was casual and comfortable while also including a little something extra. Tees should be worn with the collar up most of the time, and blazers and jeans should be tailored rather than baggy in the summer. Completing the look with accessories that are appropriate for the occasion is a must. For example, a blazer, T-shirt, jeans, and gym shoes are some of the more classic ensembles. Other options include wearing a blazer with a button-down dress shirt, dark-wash jeans, and boots, amongst other things.

The Right Accessories Make It Perfect

A blazer, t-shirt, jeans, and gym shoes were two main combos, as were a blazer, button-down dress shirt, dark wash jeans, and boots. You can look put-together while still maintaining a less-than-formal appearance by pairing a blazer with jeans for a variety of events and occasions. To have less formal business meetings or lunches, as well as to work in a less formal environment, this style may be the best choice.

If you spend the majority of your days in formal business attire, you may find it difficult to transition from formal to “street clothes” without feeling uncomfortable. It is possible to dress it down just a smidgeon with the blazer and jeans looks while maintaining that well-dressed appearance and feel.

For an After-Dinner Drink Or a Quick Bite With Friends

Ditch your dress slacks from work and slip into a pair of comfy dark-wash jeans to create an outfit that is more relaxed. The blazer with jeans look is best achieved by wearing a tailored style that is well-fitting and hangs well on the body. Jeans should be tailored as well, rather than being baggy in appearance. Take it a step further and swap out your silk shirt or blouse for a t-shirt if you want to create an even more casual atmosphere. If you don’t want to wear t-shirts, at the very least take your tie off and unbutton a couple of buttons. A scarf can also add a nice finishing touch to your outfit.

One look that is on-again, off-again is the addition of a hoodie to the ensemble. Distressed or ripped jeans can work in this situation, but they are not the first styles that come to mind when pairing with a blazer. Athletic shoes are the finishing touch to this look.

While There Are Some Traditional Combinations for Wearing a Blazer with Jeans

Your best bet is to experiment with a variety of looks to find the one that works best for you. You do not have to look exactly like everyone else in order to pull off this fashion trend. Even while tucking in your shirt is usually the best option, you can also attempt a button-down shirt topped with a sweater over a blazer, allowing the shirt tails to peek out from below the sweater. Continue to mix and match different pieces until you discover a look that both looks and feels good on you, then stop.

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