Menstrual cup and disc have same function: Aggregation bodily process fluid. But they every works throughout a very completely different technique. Let pine State shows the excellence between them. Menstrual discs are around for a brief whereas. The first complete was Instead Soft cup (now rebranded to Soft discs), there is presently another one called Flex Fits and it’s what they seem like! sadly, you’ll not apply these items as a results of once twelve hours of harm time your quantity are over with no technique back to storage so bodily process discards occur surplus waste that could’ve merely been avoided if there are reusable alternatives offered on the market like Intimin Ziggy CUP.

Common things between bodily process cup and Ziggy Cup:

  • Help collect your menstrual flow (Menstrual Problems) whereas not disrupting the natural balance of being in your body.
  • They unit made up of medical grade compound and may not cause any allergies.
  • Re useable for years.
  • Have same cleanup and care.

Key Points That Differ Bodily Process Discs From Bodily Process Cups:

The Ziggy Cup might be a brand new, safer due to manage your periods. Instead of victimization tampons or bodily process cups that will be venturous if not used properly and leave behind Associate in Nursing awful mess (and cost) the company has created one issue special – it’s called “Zig” for short!

This little plastic ring goes all the strategy against where you’ll end up most vulnerable throughout those times: around cervix-which implies that no a great deal of worries regarding toxic shock syndrome cases from now on with this one easy step; base at intervals channel canal getting ready to widest purpose between pubic bone AND penile shaft… very easy even someone international organization agency doesn’t typically agree on one thing would act giving these suckers another likelihood as a results of they’re just too.

Ziggy cup insertion might be a pinch not a fold:

Menstrual Disc (Ziggy Cup)

 To insert a bodily process disc, pinch it in and push all the strategy back. Place your finger on high of where you would like it to travel so there isn’t any mistake as you slowly move up from below (using Associate in nursing upwards motion), going behind pubic bone.

 Menstrual Cup

How to insert Menstrual Cup

You may have detected of the term “Menstrual Cup” but what unit they? A bodily process cup might be a flexible, reusable secretion implement that will be worn throughout your quantity. It is a heap of easier to insert than it there foreruns – merely fold in therefore place against yourself like you’d with the opposite tampon or healthful napkin! most of the individuals advocate rotating 360 degrees before inserting therefore ensure not alone do every rims get unrolled equally; there don’t seem to be any surprises once removing this issue presently downstream.

Can you screw whereas sporting it?

Ziggy Cup:

 Ziggy cup is that the wonderful account of us making an attempt to possess mess-free sex.

The device sits all of its compound surface up against your cervical socket that suggests there’ll not be any interference with channel canal or gut movements whereas sporting it!

Menstrual Cup:

Menstrual cup sits at intervals the channel canal and will be removed before sex for obvious reasons (ouch…).

Please note that Ziggy Cup doesn’t merely keep your linen clean, it in addition helps you’ve mess free sex. The bodily process cup did not defend against sexually transmitted diseases and it isn’t a contraceptive barrier.

Pro and cons:

 Menstrual cups unit a decent alternative for those making an attempt to avoid disposable pads and liners. The Ziggy Cup offers many of the same edges as various bodily process device selections, but in addition has some distinctive qualities that make it stand out from ancient merchandise on the market today! For example:

The professionals embrace low-to-no noise levels as a results of there is not any compound ring around your neck once you wear this cup – merely air flow through a breakable seal at bottom; straightforward cleanup since everything are usually removed just by running quandary over them once use.

Ziggy Cup Advantages:

  • Its capability is 76ml that is quite and bodily process cup.
  • Its one size may be a heap of probably to suit a great deal of oldsters.
  • Ziggy Cup might be an umbel-like cup that sits beneath the cervix and may be utilized by girls with channel prolapse or the opposite issues making ancient cups robust. It comes in two sizes, little for ladies international organization agency haven’t had kids up to full size barrels that job best throughout times once you’re distended from all of those hormones!
  • It desires no suction to suit at the place.

Ziggy Cup Disadvantages:

  • Because it fits throughout a better position it desires a great deal of adverse technique to urge obviate. • Needs a great deal of care to urge obviate? (If it full it’ll spill over).
  • If you’ve a high Cervix it would be robust for you to fix it to the rim and pull out, but you will discovered once you’re trying it.

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