Privacy Policy

Our top priority is and always will be the privacy of our visitors. That’s why we’re excited to announce that one of our most popular attractions, is now accessible from within our secure network. With a single click, you can enter the wondrous world of from the comfort of your own home. We can’t wait for you to explore!

At the core of our business model is our commitment to safeguarding your privacy. We will always ensure that any information you share with us is held in strict confidence. If you have additional questions or require more information about our Privacy Policy, please do not hesitate to contact us at Thank you for choosing our company!

Log Files follows a set of authenticated and standard procedures for handling log files which are used to track visitors when they visit websites by capturing information such as browser type, internet protocol (IP) address or ISP, the page you were looking at before coming here. Nearly every hosting company does this so there’s no need in worrying about whether our service has been compromised!

Cookies and Web Beacons uses cookies to store information, including visitors’ preferences and the pages that they visit on our website. This is used for improving your browsing experience by editing content based upon what we know about you from collected data types like IP addresses or devices visited.

Google Double Click DART Cookie

Google uses DART cookies to provide personalized advertising based on your visit. When you visit www. or any other site on the internet that use this technology will place an ad next time someone visits their computer with these types of files installed

The input is about how Google adds ads when someone goes onto our webpage but there are two things wrong: firstly – we should be more specific regarding what kind/branding within google. Visitors have the choice to decline t DART cookies by visiting the Google ad and content network Privacy Policy at

Third-Party Privacy Policies

Please note that’s Privacy Policy is only applicable to the website of and cannot be used as guidance for other advertisers or websites; we advise you to check their third-party ad servers’ policies on how they handle personal information before opting out if necessary!

Online Privacy Policy Only

We are committed to protecting your privacy. This policy applies only when you visit our site and share/collect information on

If there is any other gathered detail either offline or via third-party channels, then this will not be covered under the same principles nor does it form part of what we do at all so please beware!

Children’s Information

We know that parents want to protect their children while they are online, so we make it easy for you! Just sign up with us and get access on your phone or computer. You can observe what websites they visit without having them open any particular app- no matter where it is located in the world

The last thing anyone needs when trying out this new technology dialectic between safety and freedom (or whatever term feels right at home) would be fear-mongering; instead, my staff will provide guidance through practical tips like “sesame Street” style parental oversight which has been shown time after


You are about to enter a website that has terms and conditions. By using this site, you consent (or agree) for us –the company-to collect certain information from yourself such as your name or email address which will be used in accordance with our Privacy Policy. Please contact one of our representatives who can assist with any questions regarding accessibility options on these sites!